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Where and what 😍

At almost every Michi no Eki there is a Udon restaurant. If you slept there, they usually open at 9 am.

Coffee γ‚³-γƒ’-

Life’s elexir 😍 get it at the next conbini or out of the ever present vending mashines.


Ramen restaurants can be found all over Japan, there are even some that feature a Michelin star.


There is no better place for this than Japan. For smaller sushi bars, be prepared that there is no english or other language than Japanese spoken.

At larger Sushi restaurants you normally have to draw a number before you are asigned a table by the staff. Especially at crowded times.

My favorite sushi chain is Hamazushi. You order via touch screen and it has an english menu option.


Another yummy part of Japanese quisine 😍

At some restaurants you will find a vending machine at the entrance. It states (in japanese) all the menu items. Use google translate. Choose your meal and drink by pushing the appropriate buttons on the machine, pay cash and present the coupons the machine provides to the kitchen.

Actually quite convenient.