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My van rental of choice in Japan. They are a reliable, experienced ressource. Happy to have met them and gladly recommending them as the english speaking van rental company in Japan. They are based close to the airport in Narita-shi Check out their website: Japancampers


Most are very expensive, that’s one of the reasons why we travel by van.

Love Hotels

The concept might seem strange to foreigners, but the hotels are everything else than shady. Besides being the retreat for couples from the tight constraints of Japanese society, it’s also a cheap opportunity for the traveler to have a shower and nap in a real bed.

Michi no Eki – 道の駅

The “road stations” are the most important resource for the vanlifer in Japan. There are more than 1400 located all over the country, offering 24h facilities, free overnight parking, resstaurants and local produce shopping.

Some of them are located at beautiful locations in the mountains or directly at the beach, often they also feature an Onsen, public footbath, or other niceties.

Michi no Ekis can be found via google maps. Otherwise find the nearest Michi no Eki with these apps:

Michi no eki Finder for Android devices


Nothing catches Japans atmosphere better as one of the historical inns called Ryokan, that feature an Onsen hot spring. You haven’t really been to Japan if you haven’t stayed in one.