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Helpful info for travel in Japan

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Convenience Store (Conbini)

Family Mart, Lawson, 7eleven… The go to place for everything! 24/7 There is always one nearby. You usually can find: Hot and cold drinks and food (fruit, bakery, sushi, soups, water alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, self service-coffee machines), drugstore merchandise, manga, clothing (underwear and shirts), ATM (some might not take foreign credit cards), copying machine, free restroom facilities, trashcans (usually the only place while travelling Japan to get rid of your SORTED trash).


Expect Summer to be hot .Very hot…and HUMID.😓 I’m not joking. Japan’s summer is famous for it. Once you leave the aircon you will be sweating – a lot…

A good thing is that aircons in Japan are set to reasonable temperatures. So don’t expect antarctica like in the US, when you enter an airconditioned building in Japan.


I use instagram and googlemaps as perfect combination to plan trips to interesting sights in Japan. Save your personal map in your google account and you will always have the places you want to visit nearby at hand.


Laundrettes and other places to clean up can be found via google maps. Most of them need yen coins but have exchange facilities onsite. There is no need to buy detergent. The ones I used so far all have the detergent included in the washing program of the machine. Detergent otherwise can be bought at any conbini.


There are endless variations of the volcanic hot spring fed bath houses. Once you have been to one, especially during the cold months, I promise you this will be the part most missed when you leave Japan.

Unfortunately there is no english onsen finder app yet. If you are able to read Japanese, these apps might come in handy:


Japan often seams spotless. One thing I like about this country. It’s rooted in the culture. There are no public trashcans! You take your trash home in Japan. If you want to get rid of trash during travels, go to the next conbini. They have trashcans at the entrance. Make sure to sort your trash.


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