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Japan Trips 2019 Summary

Curious what to expect in Japan? Follow me on two trips in my 2019 instagram stories. It summarizes 2 1/2…

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中山道 Nakasendo, the centuries old post route between the Shogun’s capital Edo (nowadays Tokyo) and Kyoto, ancient residence of the…

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白川郷 Praying hands, that’s what “Gassho” is about. Several villages in Gifu-prefecture have preserved their heritage and feature the beautiful…

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Heda Harbour

戸田港 One of my favorite places in Japan so far. Although historically of quite some significance (the first western style…

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Choan-ji Temple

長安寺 One of the little gems in the Hakone region is this buddhist temple. Hustled in a calm part of…

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Nara – Deers and temples

Nara is one of the many UNESCO World heritage sites in the Kansei region of Japan. Any tourist visiting Kyoto should take the short trip south to the ancient capital of Nara.

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Happo Pond – Hiking the Japanese Alps

八方池 Today I like to take you to the mountains of Nagano, well know as the area the Olympic Winter…

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Kamiyama – Spirit Mountains

Not even aware back then, that the mountains I was exploring were called Kamiyama, I was already enchanted by the valleys I travelled, the green canopy the perfect hiding place for Kami, large and small.

26. December 2018 0 By Kevin

The stunning visuals of Japan

This post will give you a small glimpse into the stunning diversity of Japan.

20. December 2018 1 By Kevin

Climbing Mount Fuji – The journey is the destination

It was an unbelievable calm and warm night at more than 3000 meters above sea level. The moon and stars were out, making this hike on of the most spectacular in my life so far.
On the path up, I met many people from all over the world, who enjoyed the same challenge. This is what life and humanity should be about.